The greater good is always larger than the individual. When we combine forces and work together we will achieve great things. Collaboration is the central purpose for CRN.

Our goal is to work with our provider and agency partners in support of Central Florida’s system of response to homelessness.  Working alongside organizations like the Commission on Homelessness and Homeless Services Network, we can collaboratively and collectively play a vital role in the region’s mission to make homelessness rare, brief and one-time.

Our first step is to work with our provider partners to understand how the network can help support each partner’s mission and goals in the service of families either at-risk or experiencing homelessness.  We understand that time and resources are limited, and therefore we work with our provider partners to determine how the network can help broaden the reach, so more families are served.

The next step is to work with our partners to identify and catalogue the services and resources provided, and to understand the different groups served.  The services and resources, once inventoried, are entered into a dynamic database, Resource Point.  Resource Point captures and details all participating provider, agencies, and houses of faith, together with the accumulated collection of services and goods provided through the combined network of members, e.g. housing, education, help with transportation, assistance with utility payments, food pantries, and much more.

In addition to providing tangible resources, our network will train volunteers from the faith community to walk alongside families who experience homelessness, establishing positive relationships and building social capital that empowers the families to transformative change and self-sufficiency.  These Advocates support the work of our Provider Partner case managers to help extend and expand their reach and offer relational support to the families.

Community Resource Network is committed to ending homelessness, improving the quality of life for those who have experienced homelessness and poverty, and creating a better community for all.

Join the many member organizations already working with us; we need your partnership to achieve this vision.

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