CRN is facilitating a coordinated and collaborative network of community organizations, non-profit providers, agencies, as well as members of the faith communities in Central Florida, addressing family housing instability and homelessness in our tri-county area. The network offers a connected community system of support through shared resources, services and programs for families who are experiencing housing instability (living doubled up or in motels/hotels) and are not eligible for government funded housing programs or support services (typically only available to families experiencing literal homelessness).

The network supports the region’s homelessness response system by helping families avoid literal homelessness, working alongside organizations such as the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness and Homeless Services Network, and complementing the work of local governments and nonprofit agencies.

When we combine forces and work together, we can multiply our efforts by identifying and sharing the unique expertise and resources each organization, group, congregation and individual has within the network. Through the network, we can coordinate the creation of holistic support plans for families, meeting concrete needs, building relationships and offering community connection, to help families achieve their goal of economic self-sufficiency.

CRN offers knowledge and training to equip community organizations and the faith communities to walk alongside and empower families who desire to come out of homelessness.  We equip our community and faith partners with the knowledge and tools to provide support to families that meet the families' tangible and relational needs, using resources available within the faith communities, nonprofit providers, local government agencies and social service organizations. 

Collaboratively with our partners, we empower and guide families by motivating and encouraging them to establish realistic goals, restore positive relationships, create supportive networks and community connection to achieve desired outcomes and improve the quality of their lives. 

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