CRN is a collaboration among members of the Central Florida faith community, individuals and organizations, to address family homelessness in our tri-county area, by sharing resources and offering relational support to families.  Our faith-based network will support the region’s programs of response to housing instability, working alongside organizations such as the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness and Homeless Services Network, and complementing the work of local governments and nonprofit agencies.

When we combine forces and work together we will achieve great things; collaboration is the central purpose for CRN. The greater good is always larger than the individual. With the faith community’s support, the emotional, spiritual and relational needs of those experiencing homelessness are addressed. Together, we can multiply our efforts by identifying and sharing the unique resources each individual, group and congregation has within the network. Through the network, we can work together to create holistic care plans for families, emphasizing the faith community’s passion for restoration through meeting concrete needs, relationship building and community connection. Prayer, hope and encouragement are extended in the context of relationship and community.

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