We are so delighted that you are interested in volunteering with Community Resource Network (CRN), and becoming part of the CRN family.  We have several different roles, that provide a variety of ways to get involved.  Below, we provide details of some of the opportunities we have for our wonderful volunteers, who have the heart and passion to serve homeless and at-risk families in our community.

For each role listed, we provide a description of the responsibilities, together with information on the experience, skills and attributes we have identified as setting up our volunteers for the greatest success, not just in terms of the support provided to our partners and families, but also in terms of the individual reward and fulfillment of our volunteers.  We couldn’t do this without you!


  • Accompany CRN staff or independently conduct introductory/exploratory meeting(s) with prospective house of faith or provider partners. Will participate in/conduct discovery sessions to determine details of ministries and available resources, and assist in developing agreed to partnership plans with the corresponding proposed timeline. Works to begin cultivation of long-term partnership with houses of faith and providers, in collaboration with Ambassadors.

  • Experience and background in consulting, solution sales, or consultative sales is extremely valuable.  Problem-solving and critical thinking skills important. Understanding of and ability to discover the cause of organization challenges, and partner and collaborate to establish a mutually beneficial solution and partnership plan.  Personal attributes include:  great listener, effective communicator, passionate, empathetic, results-driven, organized, professional.

  • (Must be available during the work week)


  • Serves as liaison and stays connected with house of faith or providers longer-term, providing customer service-type support, as our partners are onboarded and become fully active with CRN. Ambassadors will coordinate future developments of the partnerships and serve in a communication capacity to ensure partners are up-to-date with all CRN-related information. Ambassadors will be trained to provide limited technical assistance related to partner usage of Resource Point.
  • Experience delivering quality customer service and excellence in customer experience is crucial to this role. Understanding and background in customer support and solving customer issues valuable.  Previous experience may include inside-sales support. Personal attributes include:  consistency, personable, effective communicator, dependability, problem-solver, empathetic, trustworthy, committed, service mindset, knowledgeable, open-minded, and flexible.

  • Must be available during the work week.


  • During the first 3-4 months after being housed, a family that has been previously homeless must accomplish many things to become more stable. The Advocate’s role is to help the family (along with the case manager at a CRN partner organization) complete those goals and support the family on a road to self-sufficiency. This role involves collaborating with CRN partner Case Managers to understand the goals the family has set, and assisting the family in achieving them. Advocates assist in helping families with employment, education, and accessing other community resources.

  • Experience, skills and training in counseling, social work or life coaching is extremely valuable. Ability to empathize with families coming out of homelessness and has a desire to see them become empowered and self-sufficient.  Understanding of how experiences shape a family, and how that impacts the way they interact with the world around them is crucial.  Ability to maintain boundaries essential.  Personal attributes include:  flexibility, multi-tasker, empathetic, patient, supportive, collaborative, partnering skills, ability to hold people accountable, understanding.
  • Must be available during the work week to accompany family to appointments between  9am-5pm as necessary.


  • The Champion role is to be a friend to a family coming out of homelessness and to help build long lasting community. Many families are lacking in supportive community and social capital. Champions will engage with the families emotionally and spiritually. Champions will utilize different opportunities to engage the family and include them in activities; from hanging out at the park, coffee, barbecues, to community and house of faith events, etc. Champions are the key to helping the family connect and create lasting positive community. The Champion role is not a therapeutic or directive relationship, and Champions are not there to “fix” the family.

  • Has the heart and passion to offer friendship, and emotional and spiritual support.  Ability to empathize with and understand a family’s challenges.  Desire to see them become empowered and self-sufficient. Ability to be flexible and accommodate the family’s life and schedule.  Stay open-minded and understand a family has many different experiences that shape the way they interact with the world around them. Must be committed to a long-term investment in the family (12 months).  Personal attributes:  kind, empathetic, personable, patient, supportive, encouraging, open-minded, generous of spirit, inclusive, dependable.

  • Can serve during the week and/or weekends.


  • Various opportunities to support the CRN team with general administrative work, setting appointments, planning, coordinating and supporting training sessions and events, and other administrative duties to support the CRN daily operations and activities.

  • Experience as administrative assistant, executive assistant, project coordination/management, inside sales coordinator, event coordinator, training coordinator etc. very valuable.  Personal attributes:  organized, dependable, committed, personable, detail oriented, supportive, enthusiastic.

  • Must be available during the work week and normal work hours.

Resource Point Squad

  • Supports our house of faith (HOF) or provider partners’ (PP) personnel on an ongoing basis, after they have been trained on Resource Point.  May be utilized to provide initial data entry assistance to HOF or PP personnel or provide simple problem-solving support.  Acts as a liaison between HOF and PP personnel using Resource Point and CRN’s I.T. Director, to ensure HOF and PP grow their confidence and level of use in Resource Point.

  • Must be willing to become proficient and knowledgeable on entering data and using Resource Point as a data base and case management tool.  Must be computer literate; previous knowledge of data base applications useful but not essential.  Experience with data entry and/or supporting data entry team is a plus. Personal attributes:  patient, supportive, committed, detail-oriented, flexible, personable, organized.

  • Must be flexible with availability, to support, as needed by our partners.

Resource Point Trainer

  • Trains our house of faith (HOF) or provider partners (PP) on how to use Resource Point to benefit their ministry or operation. Works with HOF and PP personnel to understand how their ministries operate to determine how Resource Point best equips and supports them to serve families.  Ability to tailor training materials to suit the audience, particularly with reference to computer literacy skills, and remain flexible across different skill levels within one group. 

  • Experience training individuals or groups on computer programs, systems etc.  Experience training on data base applications a plus.  Experience using systems to solve business issues is extremely valuable, as trainers may work with our partners to determine how best to utilize Resource Point to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of existing internal processes and ministries. Must be willing to become proficient and knowledgeable on Resource Point.  Personal attributes:  patient, teacher, supportive, enthusiastic, effective communicator, encouraging, knowledgeable, dependable, personable.

  • Trainers will be asked to commit to regular availability, either weekdays (typically 10am – 3pm; trainer can select a preferred day), weekday evenings (typically 6pm – 9pm; trainer can select preferred two evenings), or Saturdays (typically 10am – 3pm).

Resource Point Train-the-Trainer

  • As CRN grows, we will need to expand our team of Resource Point trainers to cover the tri-county region.  The Train-the-Trainer position and program will equip others to be effective trainers throughout the faith community. The difference between a trainer (detailed above) and a trainer of trainers is the ability and experience to coach and develop other trainers, the depth of knowledge of the training material, depth of knowledge of Resource Point, and overall computer literacy and technical expertise.

  • Experience, background and skills in teaching others to train groups on different systems, programs or software.   Knowledge and understanding of data base applications a plus.  Computer literacy crucial.  Ability to expediently gain in-depth knowledge of Resource Point, to provide future trainers with key points to make training sessions with houses of faith and providers effective.  Personal attributes:  patient, flexible, teacher, effective communicator, energetic, enthusiastic, committed, dependable, organized.

Miscellaneous community assistance

  • From time-to-time we will have the opportunity to support our house of faith (HOF), provider partners (PP), agencies etc with various activities, events, or ongoing operations.  This may include such events as the Point-in-Time count, serving at shelters, food pantries etc., in support of the collaborative effort throughout the tri-county area to address homelessness.

  • A heart to serve the marginalized in our community, specifically those families and individuals experiencing homelessness.  Personal attributes:  empathetic, understanding, kind, patient, personable, supportive, dependable, open-minded, flexible.

Get involved

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